"This is a charity website run by all volunteers and/or the severely disabled whenever and wherever; we can Bless them!"

Welcome and Thank You so very much for visiting our site! As our Team weekly upgrades this site, we ask You to bear with us.
Below you will be able to click on our links for more information on the following: Items and Services Needed,
Items and Services Available, Power Wheelchair Dry Cleaning & Restoration and Paypal. It would be greatly appreciated if You
can please email us info@gotkidscharity.org the list(s) the items You and/or Your Organization may have available to donate.
Please note we are an all Volunteer Charity, which will hopefully explain why some of our teams may be sending You e-mails
early mornings or late evenings, to match their work schedules. We would like to also introduce you to one of our largest projects called
Bringing Flooded Power Wheelchairs back to use; click below. All cash donations are guarded to make certain that Your donations;
go as far as possible. Please click below on each picture to get more information...